Thomas M. Pulchny, M. Ed.


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As School Principal, Mr. Pulchny’s leadership style is summarized in his motto — “Be gentle in what you do, firm in how you do it”. Mr. Pulchny's focus is on educating the whole child: spiritually, mentally and physically. He believes in cross-curricular, team-centered approach, and access to advanced technology tools in order for students to be successful academically. He challenges students to find meaningful service projects in which to put their faith into action and therefore, develop a deep sense of compassion for others. He strives for high standards and developing a strong team of teachers. “The quality of the teachers is the key ingredient,” he says. “It is ultimately the high-quality of the teaching staff that makes Sacred Heart an excellent school.”

Mr. Pulchny has been at Sacred Heart for four years and has a B.A. in Archaeology and more than twenty-five years involved in education. His background is teaching the Middle School and Jr. High levels, and he was awarded the Smart Valley Award for Education and Technology integration. Mr. Pulchny has an M.Ed. in Education Administration and has a variety of interests which include music, baking bread, dog training, and reading with his children.

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