Erin Fontana

Religion, 7th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies

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Ms. Fontana is a dedicated teacher who has a passion for working with children of all ages. She believes that all children have the ability to learn and recognizes that not all children learn the same way. She works to find new and creative ways to ignite a love for learning in her students so that all learners are involved.

This year is Ms. Fontana's first year at Sacred Heart. She graduated from California State university, Fresno and received her credential from Chapman University. She was a 7th grade Language Arts teacher in the Oakland Diocese for two years before coming to us as 7th grade homeroom, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Religion Teacher. As a teacher, she offers students a structured and caring environment where high expectations are the norm, and where students feel comfortable and accepted. Ms. Fontana has many outside interests and enthusiastically adds her time to our Athletics Program as 5th Grade Girl's Volleyball Coach.


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