Service Overview

Sacred Heart students’ work toward a mission of building a community that reaches out to the poor and homeless, helping to build a world where peace and social justice reach every human being they touch.  To that end we offer our student participation in a Community Outreach Program.  The Community Outreach Program goal is to inspire spiritual growth and discipleship among our students.  It serves to reinforce the values of compassion and empathy that are first introduced at home.  The projects that we sponsor attempt to show the students that they can lend a hand by giving back to the community both through volunteerism, donations, and especially through random acts of kindness.

The Community Outreach program has been designed to achieve the following goals:

  • To offer each student the opportunity to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ in relation to serving others.
  • To foster awareness of the needs of others, coupled with the opportunity to make a difference in our community.
  • To help students reflect on their own volunteer work and how it affects their lives and relates to concepts learned in religion classes

Our primary grades work together as a class to make contributions to this program.  They visit local retirement communities at holiday time to sing or bring crafts and greeting cards.  They hold White Elephant sales and contribute the funds to a favorite charity.  The visit and help at the Humane Society.

Our middle and junior high students volunteer in the clothing closet and pantry at Sacred Heart Community Services in South San Jose.  8th grade students work in the Literacy Program at Rosemary School.  The school sponsors a Saratoga Creek Clean-up Day.  We also have a monthly collection on First Friday that supports various charities that collect school supplies, food, clothing, toys and book for the less fortunate.  During Lent monies are colleted for St. Joseph Cathedral Bus Token Drive. Our students also work at Monday Hot Dog Lunch.  All of the funds that are raised are donated to various charities and organizations, which the committee decides on during the course of the year. 

The Community Outreach Program has been established to enable students to become contributing members of society by reflecting on the principles of Christ in their daily lives.  As such, we expect all students to willingly seek opportunities, and when volunteering, to appropriately represent Sacred Heart School and Parish.