About Our School and Students


Sacred Heart is a Catholic parish school dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all students. The school staff, clergy, parents, and students work together to promote a community of faith, learning, social, and service development.


Our vision for Sacred Heart students is to promote and enable well-rounded students that have reached their highest spiritual, intellectual, cultural, emotional, social, and physical potential.


Sacred Heart School is a Catholic community that promotes and supports students in developing a strong and deep faith in Jesus, reaching their highest academic potential, and behaving as compassionate and generous Christians in the world.

Service Oriented

Sacred Heart students offer their time and talents to help those in need, the elderly, the poor, the disenfranchised, the school and parish community, and the domestic church.

Problem Solvers

Sacred Heart students use critical thinking skills to resolve academic, social, personal challenges.

Environmental Caretakers

Sacred Heart students respect and care for the earth and its resources.


Sacred Heart students effectively articulate their ideas and opinions in verbal and written form.

Imitators of Christ

Sacred Heart students live their faith by modeling the values and behaviors that exemplify the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Academically Prepared

Sacred Heart students have a strong academic foundation, a well-rounded educational experience, are goal oriented, and strive to fulfill their social-emotional, physical, and academic potential.

Lifelong Learners

Sacred Heart students exhibit intellectual curiosity and creativity, self-motivation and self-confidence, and apply learned skills to daily living.

One Heart Program

Sacred Heart School recognizes those students who, through their everyday actions, create a climate that fosters a positive and loving school environment.

Sacred Heart School is committed to becoming a One Heart community where everyone feels safe, secure and valued. Our words and actions support the guiding principles of the Catholic faith by accepting individual differences, including others, and sharing ideas with a positive, welcoming attitude.

Demonstrating the One Heart vision means:

  • Working cooperatively and using appropriate resolution skills to solve conflict
  • Promoting and following the Golden Rule — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • Greeting each other with a smile and demonstrating good manners
  • Noticing, stopping, and taking the time to help those in need
  • Including others in work and play

With One Heart we are dedicated to building a culture of cooperation and a respect for boundaries and relationships.