School Advisory Council Calendar

During the school year, the School Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss and address any current issues facing the school’s administration and/or committees. In general, these meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month during the school year.

In addition, the SAC helps coordinate our Parent Communication Meetings during the school year in order to keep the school community informed.

Please refer to the calendar below for a more complete schedule of events.

Parent Communication Meetings

  • Spring Parent Meeting

Monthly Council Meetings

Our meetings are held during the school year in the Parish Center at 7pm on the second Thursday of the month. Please see below for detailed dates as well as agendas and meeting notes, which are posted as the year progresses.

September 8, 2011AgendaNotes
October 13, 2011AgendaNotes
November 10, 2011AgendaNotes
December 15, 2011AgendaNotes
January 12, 2012AgendaNotes
February 9, 2012AgendaNotes
March 8, 2012AgendaNotes
April 19, 2012AgendaNotes
May 10, 2012AgendaNotes
June 7, 2012AgendaNotes