Wednesday Programs

Classes are held on 2:00 dismissal Wednesdays from 2:10 until 3:10. New classes are offered every trimester, so students will have the opportunity to try a variety of subjects. All classes are taught by teachers from specialty organizations. Below is a list of the classes being offered, along with the enrichment benefits each program provides:

  • Academic Chess — Chess students learn problem solving skills, how to visualize results, form strategies, and develop patience. Students also gain self confidence and sportsmanship skills by playing with others.
  • Band Instruction — Studying an instrument and music helps develop the left side of the student’s brain, which is linked to language and reason. Music also assists in developing spatial intelligence, effort, teamwork, discipline, and self-expression.
  • Creative Writing — Students with strong writing skills are excellent communicators. Training students to write creatively helps develop self-expression, story telling skills, and a better understanding of the English language.
  • Dance — Movement and dance instruction helps students build coordination, large motor skills, and flexibility. Students will learn ballet techniques to strengthen their body’s motor development.
  • Lego Engineering — Teaching with Legos® introduces children to basic physics concepts in a fun, hands-on environment. Learning with Legos® also develops critical thinking, problem solving, construction methods, and how to visualize results.
  • Theater Arts — The performing arts teaches students to express themselves creatively through movement and speech. Students also gain self-confidence, stage presence, public speaking skills, memorization techniques, and an overall appreciation for the arts.