Student Council Overview

The purpose of the student council is to train students in leadership, to encourage a high standard of scholarship, to encourage school spirit, to demonstrate the practical application of democracy, and to advance the welfare of the school and its members.

Student Council Officers

Chloe Ngo
Caitlin Budenholzer
Vice President
Blake Rosenthal
Secretary / Treasurer
Mandy Inserra
Religious Affairs / Service
Katie Bocian
One Heart Family Commissioner
Olivia Baumert
Safety & Ecology
Jake Turley and Casey Joye
Spirit Commissioners
Kiran Jain
Sports Commissioner
Francesca Bermudez
PreK-4th Grade Representative
Aileen Pulchny
5th-8th Grade Class Representative

Standing Ex-Officio Members

Wendy DeVincenzi
Daniellle Phillips