Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten

Sacred Heart School is a community that encourages personal faith in Jesus and service to others while challenging students to reach their highest academic potential.

Sacred Heart School, in collaboration with the diocese of San Jose, has established challenging academic standards with a vision for developing the whole child by providing a creative, well-rounded education that fosters a life-long interest in learning.  Through a partnership between caring parents, conscientious teachers and community members who support our vision, we are producing students who are well equipped to meet the challenges of a changing society.

Through Faith, Service and Academic Excellence we are developing students at each grade level that have Character, Compassion and Values.  Our students have the solid academic foundation to realize individual excellence and contribute their gifts and talents to further the Sacred Heart Mission, here and in the community.

As we are all aware, the qualities that make Catholic education special do not appear overnight.  We have taken a systematic approach at every grade level to build upon the academic foundation that has been established from pre-school through eighth grade.

This brochure states the standards for your child’s grade level.  Please read them over and be assured that these are key learnings for your child this year.  Please join our partnership of home and school as we work together to realize your child’s gifts and learning potential.


As a Catholic Pre-Kindergarten, religious development is of primary importance to us.  It will be approached simply and in the total context of the child’s life.  We believe values are cultivated in a child not only through direct teaching, but also through example experienced in everyday situations.  We will learn short prayers to be said at meals and at group times.  Songs, stories, and activities will often be of a religious nature.

  • To proclaim God’s goodness
  • To center on Christ
  • To learn simple and relevant scripture such as the Good Shepherd, Christ and the children
  • To participate in the Parish Community
  • To prepare students for Christian leadership


We will provide a loving environment, stressing a positive approach to success in daily activities.  We will encourage the development of self-respect for oneself, for others and to respect authority in and out of the classroom.


Reading/Phonics Readiness

Your child will learn to:

  • Recognize his/her name
  • Recognize upper and lower case letters
  • Progression from left to right
  • Recognize basic colors and shapes
  • Identify initial consonants

Your child will learn to:

  • Write letters and numbers
  • Write his/her name
  • Copy shapes and words

Your child will learn to:

  • Follow simple directions
  • Use language to express thoughts, feelings and ideas
  • Listen to speaker and react appropriately
  • Take turns speaking and listening in a group

Your child will be exposed to:

  • Fairy tales
  • Fables
  • Modern Stories
  • Poetry
  • Finger plays
  • Flannel board stories
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Bible stories
  • A variety of age appropriate picture books
  • A variety of age appropriate science books


Your child will learn to:

  • Count by rote to 20 or more by ones
  • Count by rote to 20 in Spanish
  • Understand one to one correspondence
  • Arrange objects by size and length
  • Make a pattern using objects
  • Understand a simple calendar
  • Understand the days of the week and months of the year


Your child will learn to:

  • Understand concepts of movement
  • Understand the world around them
  • Understand the world is inhabited by many cultures
  • Understand the people around us


Your child will learn about:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Plants and Seeds
  • Sea life
  • Weather
  • The five senses
  • Animals
  • Insects


Your child will learn to:

  • Use scissors and paste
  • Explore with finger paint
  • Explore with easel painting
  • Explore with crayon, chalk and markers
  • Explore different textures


Your child will learn to:

  • Explore movement of their body in space
  • Explore rhythm
  • Enjoy different types of music
  • Sing simple songs and rhymes
  • Explore simple musical instruments
  • Play with bean bags and streamers


Your child will learn to:

  • Enjoy simple recipes for healthy snacks