Welcome to Special Resources

What makes our school shine?

Our school offers a collaborative effort of support for all learners to be successful students.  This multi-tiered learning management plan at Sacred Heart School is an example of the student-learning model called Response to Intervention, which our local public schools are now attempting to emulate.  We are proud of what we offer here at Sacred Heart School.

From the earliest learner, all of our teachers observe, notice and track all those aspects that contribute to a student’s education. These observations enable the teachers and parents to partner in the educational experience of all of our children.

The teachers of Sacred Heart do an excellent job of responding to the academic needs of all of our students. Early identification of potential problems in reading or math can permit all of the teachers to work with the student and family to strengthen any weak areas of a students’ personal learning styles. Our two Resource Teachers work in specific areas of identification and intervention that are unique.