Welcome to Physical Education

Grades 1-3 have class for 30 minutes once a week on Friday. The focus is 90% motor skills. Each child has their own piece of equipment which allows them to progress at their own pace with less pressure. The other 10% of our time is used to introduce games & fitness skills.

Grades 4-8 have one 50 minute class per week. We continue building on both general and specific skills and knowledge for various sports & games, along with incorporating the concept of working with others towards a common goal. Once a month, kids have a timed run & chart their progress in various strength & agility exercises. We also have an "aerobic dance day" each trimester, along with other activities such as pattern mazes & exercise balls & bands, etc.


K-3: wear school uniform and tennis shoes. Girls need to wear shorts under their jumpers. Please do not put turtleneck shirts under jumpers during the cooler weather, as the kids get too over heated and therefore more prone to illness. I will have children take them off or sit out. Also no tights with feet on Movement Lab days.

4-8: we have an "awesome" PE uniform---tee shirt, shorts & sweat pants (for warm or cold weather). These may be worn to school on your child's PE day. Kids must also wear tennis shoes--THAT ARE PROPERLY & SNUGLY LACED along with socks that I can see.


The physical education grade is pass/fail. However, conduct and effort are noted and the appropriate grade number is placed on the report card. For grades 4-8, not having proper attire for class will result in a CR slip.

If you have any questions please come see me, Dan Fernandez, in the gym/loft or call at 867-6221 x142.