Welcome to Art Class

Art classes are held weekly in1st through 8th grade. Kindergarten students attend Art class for special projects as requested by the classroom teacher. Parent volunteers support the Kindergarten art curriculum on a weekly basis.

The primary focus of the Art program at Sacred Heart is:

  • to expose children to all forms of art, not only 3-dimensional, but art history as well.
  • to teach the children to respect "cultural diversity" in the arts.
  • to incorporate religious (Catholic) themes into some of their lessons.
  • to have guest -art- speakers come and either do lessons with the children, or do "show and tell" presentations related to a particular field of art.
  • to display children's art not only in the halls of school, but also in neighboring "store front" windows for more exposure of their "talents."
  • to have the local newspaper run stories every periodically about how important art is in the life of children!

Computers are part of the art class curriculum. Computer generated graphic art is taught by the technology instructor in conjunction with specific curriculum assignments.

All students must use their own brain, their own thinking and their own hands for their art projects!